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Making Meal Times Interesting

Making Meal Times InterestingIn the wild, dogs and other members of the canine family don't lounge around all day, eat one or two meals all at once from one source, and then use a huge burst of energy as they go out for one or two daily walks. How do we make life a little more interesting for our pets?

Novelty Dog Shows

Novelty Dog ShowsMost organised dog activities involve either a lot of time dedicated to the dog, a lot of money, or both. The Novelty Dog Show is something you can take your pet dog to, with no prior training, no huge costs and no experience.

Games for Less Mobile Dogs

Games for Less Mobile DogsDogs with limited mobility for any reason, including age, can still enjoy a good game as long as it takes their abilities into account, rather than any disabilities. If short walks (or no walks at all) are all your dog can manage, they still have a brain that needs to be kept active.

Kong Ice Surprise

Kong ice surpriseWhen the temperature gets much above 25 degrees for a prolonged period, it can be too hot to give dogs adequate exercise. Giving them treats is one way to keep them busy. To extend the life and interest of treats, you can freeze them and combine them with some of the many available toys.

Playtime for your dog

All these activities, plus many more, are available through Linda's small dog breed home boarding via the Little Legs Small Dog Club.

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