Cat Sitting

Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?

Would you like to have total peace of mind while you are away, knowing your beloved cats are safe and happy in their own home?

Most of all I need someone that loves pets and is trustworthy, and that really came across from the first visit to completion. A professional, trustworthy and dedicated service, would definitely use again and recommend to others.
Serena B., Ace & Jet

Cats are naturally solitary animals, with their own territories, and having a cat sitter visit your cat in their own home allows them to express these natural behaviours in a safe environment, allowing you to relax.

Each cat is an individual, and we love getting to know them all! Some are sky cats - perching high, hiding on top of wardrobes and loving to pounce as things fly past through the air. Others are earth cats, hiding behind sofas, tucking themselves away in small places and leaping out as their victim scurries past. Every cat has these desires in different proportions - and we take the time to work out each cat's individual likes and dislikes, then we invite them to play with us!

If your cat prefers to keep their distance, that's fine! We will leave them to it, while being open if they want to approach. We save food preparation until just before we leave as sometimes this can entice an outdoor cat inside, or tempt a shy cat to join us on the sofa. Although we prefer to spend time with each cat in our care, if your cat is independent this can be accommodated.

Whether your cat is a young cat, or 20 years old, we have experience of the correct care while you are away. We have also cared for cats who have been in accidents, have diabetes and young litters.

The nitty gritty

Your patience and kindness, both to us and the animals will never be forgotten, especially the care you gave Kylie when she was badly injured or when she had the kittens.
Lisa B., Kylie & Snowflake

At each visit we follow your individual instructions for your pets. In the absence of these we have a routine which we will check suits your needs when we meet.

Visits are charged per visit, not per cat, and are 20-30 minutes long. If you would like a longer visit, or have a very large number of cats, please ask for an individual quote. Visits are done daily - we do not look after cats on an 'every other day' basis. Visits may not be at the same time every day, however there will be a balanced interval between visits.

Monday - Saturday Sunday Bank Holidays
One daily visit £11 £13 £15
Two daily visits £20 £24 £25
Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day: price on application.


Clients living in restricted parking areas may need to provide visitor parking permits. We do try to visit outside restricted times, but this is not always possible. Unused permits will be returned at the end of the booking.

My cat Min is very independent and it was important that she was able to stay in the environment she knows whilst having freedom outdoors when she wanted it. Linda was flexible to make this possible and on my return my cat was very healthy and happy.
Marianne F., Min

Clients returning early are not able to claim a refund for any unused visits, however we may consider holding all or part of the fee over for any future bookings depending on notice given. Clients needing extra visits please let us know - there are no additional charges other than the normal visit cost. In 2010 we carried on caring for cats when owners were delayed at different times due to snow, ice, airline strikes and volcanic ash! Just let us know as soon as possible; we keep an eye on the news so are usually ready to continue. Extra visits will be invoiced on your return.

Areas covered

Currently Brentwood and the surrounding areas, including but not limited to, Doddinghurst, Stondon Massey, Navestock, Hook End, Kelvedon Hatch, Shenfield, Hutton & Ingrave. We are usually unable to travel out of the Brentwood area due to demands on our time, however we may be able to travel further for weekend/bank holiday only bookings, for an additional charge.

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