Dog Walking Practical Field Day

Dog walking field day

Join us and our dogs on a Practical Field Day specifically designed to enable professional dog walkers improve their dog handling skills.

"Linda is extremely knowledgeable about canine behaviour and demonstrates this thoroughly throughout the day... The range of dogs and their natures and behaviours was excellent. It gave me a true insight into what dog walking physically entails and how to react to situations which will arise, plus seeing dog behaviour in action was a real benefit, particularly having recently studied it."

You’ll spend your day observing experienced dog walkers handling customers’ dogs of all shapes and sizes, and be able to handle the dogs yourselves. You’ll be included in problem solving, managing anything that might happen on a real professional dog walk, as well as watching the dogs interacting with each other. You will see how essential it is to ensure the dogs are compatible to avoid creating problems. You will learn how we work in public parks surrounded by members of the public and their dogs, without incident.

You’ll learn about canine body language and communication, how important your own observation skills are, all the ways we have developed over the years to control the group, and how to motivate and entertain the dogs to keep them happy and joyful, but calm and under control.

You will also be able to discuss issues such as handling clients keys securely, transporting dogs safely, creating your own policies and best practise working guides, and how to ensure your clients are happy to pay in full, on time, every time.

Linda Ward has been dog walking in Brentwood professionally since 2008, and has cared for over 300 dogs in that time, of all different shapes, sizes, breeds and temperaments. She has been training dog walkers since 2010.

Fees for the day on an individual basis are £80. You may combine any of our professional dog walker training in any way that suits your needs. Occasionally group training days are available at a discounted rate.

Check out the rest of our website for full details. Please feel free to contact us via phone or email if you have any questions, or to ask for an information pack.

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