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Ice cubes for dogs

Winter Warmers

Winter WarmersSome of the tips we've learned over the years to keep dogs safe in winter, along with a few of our other furry friends.

Keeping Dogs Cool in Hot Weather

Keeping Dogs Cool in Hot WeatherHelping your dog keep cool before they overheat is essential.

Grass Seeds

Dogs in the bathThese seeds can get into any crack or crevice and can make the area sore. If they are not removed immediately they can start to move around under the skin and cause further problems.

Environmentally-Friendly Disposal of Dog Poo

Environmentally-Friendly Disposal of Dog PooMillions of dog owners collect their dog poo in small plastic bags, and dispose of it in the nearest litter or poo bin. But what happens to the poo once it leaves the bin?

How Much Sleep Does Your New Puppy Really Need?

How Much Sleep Does Your New Puppy Really Need?Just like excitable toddlers, puppies are learning, and just as a lack of sleep has a bad affect on a child's behaviour, your puppy will be badly behaved if he doesn't get enough sleep.

Finding a Dog Care Provider

Finding a Dog Care ProviderFinding a dog walker is easy, but how do you tell the great from the mediocre? How can you make sure the person you find will work day in, day out, no matter what the weather and really care for your dog the way you do?

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