Puppy Care and Training

Puppies on board the puppy bus

You can choose from two different types of puppy care. Puppy Pop Ins and Play and Train Visits, both from as soon as they come home, with Pop Ins available up to around 6 months of age and Play and Train visits being more flexible.

Puppy pop ins are 20 minute visits to look after your puppy. Depending on how long puppy is alone, they may have one or two puppy pop ins per day, to ensure they are not left alone too long.

Your puppy will be fed, taken out to the toilet, and have their little messes cleaned up. We play games designed to teach good foundations for leave it, wait/stay, recall and walking on lead. You will benefit from the good manners we always ask puppy to follow as we’re interacting with him or her. We always provide love and cuddles.


Play and Train visits are 30 minutes and include more training as well as teaching good manners. Your puppy will learn the same foundation skills as we teach in our Puppy Pop Ins, plus not stealing items, not chewing furniture, not chasing, not rushing through open doors, as well as sit, recall, stay, etc. They will also learn the most important thing they can ever learn – to listen to you. Their walk will be on or off lead depending on training progress and local amenities.

We have been training and socialising puppies since 2006, including during the pandemic lockdowns and are still walking some of our early puppies – now seniors of 10 and above! You can see the benefits of our training in all of the dogs we walk as most have joined us at an early age. Linda has experience with a wide variety of breeds, as well as extensive study in puppy development, training and behaviour. You and your puppy will be in the right hands, and benefit from years of experience.

The Dog Whisperer!! As a first time puppy owner, Rafa was a bit more of a handful than we anticipated... Linda's not also great with Rafa, but Rafa's humans, and for that, I cannot be more thankful!! Looking forward to when Rafa can join her dog walks as well!
Ritu & Rafa


Puppy Pop Ins
£11 for 20 minutes, £18 for two per day

Puppy Play and Train
£15 for 30 minutes

One Play and Train + Poppy Pop In
On the same day - £24

Discounts may be available for multiple visits per week. We can also mix and match types of visits your puppy. So one or two Play and Trains per week, and the rest pop in visits. We are also able to offer Play and Train visits while you are at home but busy with other things.

Please ask for a bespoke price for your puppy.

Play and Train visits in our 'Play Bus' can also help bad travellers get used to being in and around a vehicle with no pressure that it will move off. Many puppies get motion sickness due to their inner ear being undeveloped at this age. If they are repeatedly sick, it can give them a fear reaction to travelling, potentially creating lifelong travel problems. Playtime in the bus and around the crates can ease this fear, until they have physically matured enough to travel safely (limited availability weekends and weekday afternoons only).

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