Puppy Survival Support Services

Tuppence on a video call

Puppy is here! Such an exciting time! If this is your first puppy, it can also be an overwhelming time with sleepless nights and accidents on the floor. And puppy might need extra care too! ;)

Due to the pandemic with lockdown restrictions meaning training classes are closed, online is fast becoming one of the best ways to get the help and support you need. The best advice you will get is from a trainer working directly with you and your puppy, in real time, so they can answer all your questions.

Our online/telephone only services support you through the first days and weeks, but can also help prepare you in advance if you have not collected puppy yet. We can give specific advice and training for your puppy if you are not sure where to start, advise on care, or chat through your puppy's behaviour for some guidance. This allows you the freedom to get the most out of the sessions. We also have follow on support for more specific training if required – recall, loose lead walking and settle/go to bed being the most requested, but we can offer a lot more.

If you are not sure exactly what help you need, we have developed a system of puppy care and training (we call this Buster's Way in memory of Linda's first dog). This system has been developed from the training, care and help we have given to puppies and their owners over the past twelve years. It includes solutions to all the common problems we are asked to help with, answers to frequently asked questions and general advice owners have shown us they need. This system is fully flexible to fit you and your puppy's needs.

After the sessions, you will have a good understanding of your dog's behaviour traits, their needs with relation to their breed, and how puppy can settle into becoming an essential member of your family.

Buster's Way - puppy survival guide for humans

The world's cutest puppyEach session is approximately one hour. Don't worry if pup needs some attention during the conversation – we use this as training time!

Each session can be done on the phone, however we can use video calling if you prefer.

Puppy's first day / Before you get your puppy

You can book this session for the days before you bring puppy home, or we can check in with you after your first night once puppy is home. Don't worry if you have already had your puppy a few days before seeking help, we can still start the calls to help you.

Puppy's first week

Once puppy has been with you a week, you will have more questions! You will find the answers in this session, along with how to establish good routines to suit your lifestyle. We also include the following:

Puppy's first month

Once puppy has been with you for one month, they will be finding their feet. Some unwelcome habits might be forming, so use this session to work on these before they become a problem. They will also be able to go outside at around this date, so included are some related issues to help you.

Please remember all these sessions are fully adaptable, we can cover anything you need, at any time during the sessions, leave out anything you don't need, or even use a full session for one particular issue.


Follow On Training

If you have enjoyed the training and would like to do more with your puppy, we also offer follow up sessions. Please note, these do need to done by video call so we can demonstrate the exercises and see how your puppy responds to the training.

Depending on distance, weather, and any lockdown restrictions, we may be able to do this training in person.

Foundation training 30 mins per session, up to 3 exercises per session: £15

Socialisation walk

45 minutes, in person only: £30

Puppies are walked with one or more of Linda's adult dogs to enable them to learn how to interact appropriately with other dogs, to give you confidence to take your puppy off the lead, and so we can practise pup's recall and other training around distractions.

Puppy Problems (under 6 months)

If you are unsure of any of your puppy's behaviours, if it should be allowed, if it's normal, or how to manage or fix it, you can send us video clips of your puppy, and we will either phone you to chat through, add captions to your video to explain and advise, or send a written guide to help you.

Price on application.

Please note: Buster's Way is for introducing puppy to family life and preventing future problems. Because of this, the sessions are best suited to puppies under 16 weeks at the start of the programme. Should you have an older puppy or an 'adolescent' showing unwanted behaviours we will speak to you about our other services. We are unfortunately unable to accept adult dogs with unwanted or complex behaviour issues onto this service, as these are best dealt with in person.

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