Residential Training for your Small Breed Puppy

Puppies at home

Training services specially designed for small-medium breed dogs, where your puppy lives with Linda (the trainer) in her own home. Training is rapidly advanced when puppy is immersed in this training lifestyle, with consistent handling, which they will think is all about fun, games and playtime. No harsh handling or corrections are used.

Training available:

Training is in two parts – planned training sessions where we work on specific exercises, and good manners training, which happens every time we engage with your puppy during the day. For this reason we keep the dogs overnight to keep the momentum going, and to prevent any previous bad habits being reinforced by the family every night if puppy were coming home.

Puppies will also learn to settle in a crate, as they will need lots of time to rest between sessions and after exercise. As the dogs live in our home, where we also train our own dogs, having a quiet space to curl up in away from the busy areas of our home is essential. Crates for your puppy and our own dogs are in the living room where we relax – training happens in our second reception room 'the dog room' (once upon a time this was our dining room!), as well as in the garden, outside on walks and wherever puppy happens to be when a training opportunity present itself. Puppies are not abandoned in cold empty garages, kennels or outbuildings while not being trained, they live as our own dogs do.

If you are looking for home boarding when you are on holiday, or for specific dates and times, we have some local recommendations we can give you as we do not offer home boarding. You could take advantage of our residential training while you are on holiday as this has worked well for our clients in the past. However there is a two week minimum period.


After your puppy comes home

Training will need to be kept up once puppy comes home, otherwise your dog's behaviour may eventually revert back to how it was prior to training. All new habits need to be maintained, and this may include for you too. When your dog comes home, we will spend some time demonstrating how to keep puppy well behaved. This will include a free period of access to our membership site which will include videos of your puppy's training with us, so you can follow along at home. At the end of the free period you can extend the access for as long as you need for an additional fee.

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