Dog walking around Brentwood & Surrounding areas for dogs over 6 months

Dogs enjoying a Busters walk

Busters has given us the confidence to leave our dog during the day while we are working. We have always been impressed by Busters staff’s professionalism, support, care and understanding. We would never use anyone else.
Emma & BK

Due to high demand for our services we are not currently taking new dogs onto our dog walking or puppy sitting service. As Linda is a dog trainer as well as dog walker, her services for puppies are in high demand, which means we currently have a lot of young dogs on our walks. We'd like to give these young dogs some time to mature fully into adulthood before we bring any new dogs into our groups.

We also have quite a few 'Golden Oldies', many who have been with us from our early days when they were young dogs themselves. Our walks are fun and exciting but never out of control, and we don’t let the young whippersnappers bother our Seniors. There is no doubt the younger dogs take up more of our time on a walk though, as we encourage their learning to develop into the type of dog that is a pleasure to be with, that you can take anywhere. So another reason for cutting back is to allow us to give more attention to our dogs in their golden years.

We aim to reopen to new clients in August 2017. Thank you for your understanding.

The walks give Ralphie the company of other dogs which he loves. It allows me to do various jobs around the house without him being under my feet or upset by the vacuum cleaner. Flexible & reliable.
Michael & Ralphie

If you were looking for a dog walker because you are finding your dog hard to manage on your own (adolescence in particular is a difficult time for any species), for any reason, please feel free to contact Linda for her dog training services. We have helped raise around 100 puppies through adolescence and beyond through our dog walking services, and many more through our dog training. There’s not much we haven't had to deal with! In the long term training works out cheaper than having a dog walker every day until full maturity is reached at around 3 years of age.


Busters walks are happy walks!

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