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Dogs enjoying a Busters walk

Linda is simply Fantastic! Our dog adores her walks with Linda and the other doggies! She sits by the front door waiting every day! When Linda comes she runs off excitedly with her tail wagging. Honey's discipline has also improved greatly. She's now a pleasure to walk off the lead in parks, always staying relatively close by and coming back immediately when called. All thanks to Linda. Would highly recommend.
Jennie & Honey (Cavapoo)

Your dog will get their full walk time in a park or open space, or a walk around your local area depending on the service you have chosen. Plenty of time allowed for playing, sniffing, games & activities, brain training, leg stretching, and doing their business.

You can choose from a selection of walks, to suit all types of dog personalities, more details below. You and your dog will benefit from the experience, knowledge and skills we've gained since 2006, walking hundreds of dogs from small puppies, through adolescence, into adulthood and then old age. We also look after our human clients – you and your home will be treated with respect.

Please check our reviews on Google to see what our customers have to say.

Group walks

Our group walks are usually 3 or 4 dogs walked together, per walker. This allows us to find the best mix of canine personalities to avoid accidents and injuries, your dog will get more individual attention, they can teach us their likes and dislikes, and any training needs can be addressed (if this is possible in a group setting).

The original 'Boredom Busters'

Well behaved dogs on a Boredom Busters walk

Mixed size dog walks, open to all breeds, all sizes and all ages over 6 months. All we ask is that your dog has a reasonable recall, and that they don’t pull excessively on the lead. Walks will be grouped by choosing compatible playmates, but all dogs will still be required to use their brains as well as their bodies.

'Little Legs Small Dog Club'

Small dogs enjoying a Busters walk

Toy and small breeds only. Toy breeds, terriers and other companion breeds are taken out in a group to have fun together. Walking with other dogs of similar size and temperament can make it more enjoyable for them, as they feel safe.

The fun and games are exactly the same as on a Boredom Busters walk, just appropriately resized.

We would absolutely recommend Linda and her team. They are totally professional, but friendly, reliable and trustworthy. Linda has a fantastic knowledge of dog health and welfare needs, and gives very useful advice on training techniques. The dogs have the benefit of a visit during the day, which alleviates some of the guilt if we are out a little longer than expected. We would be lost without her!
David D, with Leo & Luca the English Toy Terriers


45 minute group walks
£15.50 one day a week or ad hoc
£14.50 per walk two – four days a week
£13.50 five days a week (£67.50 per week)

60 minute group walks (3 dogs maximum)
£20 one day a week or ad hoc
£19 per walk two – four days a week
£18 five days a week (£90 per week)

30 minute solo walks
(can offer home/garden activity visits if preferable)
after 2pm only
£10 for 20 minutes
£13 for 30 minutes

Multiple dog owning families
Discounted rate charged by TIME not PER DOG for bookings after 2pm. They may include minimal travel time to closest appropriate walking area. Further discounts may be available for Monday - Friday booking.
£26 for 60 minutes

For puppies under 6 months of age, please see our Puppy Sitting page.


Busters walks are happy walks!

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