Dog Walker Training

So you want to be a professional dog walker?

Walking dogs is not rocket science, but there is a skill to walking multiple dogs that do not belong to you, with different levels of training, from different households, fully under control.

"Thanks so much for today Linda - it was so helpful to see how an experienced walker does things. Your breadth of knowledge is amazing - I’m just writing notes on everything I’ve learned today and it’s a lot!"
Jess Dawson – The Waggamumma (Practical Field Day)

We all do it because we love dogs, but you also need to pay your bills, support your family, and of course, feed your own pets. Setting up as a professional dog walker means you need to know how to run a business too. If you want to earn a living working with dogs we can help you.

If you’ve already been up and running for a while, we can still help you improve the behaviour of dogs on your walks, help you gain more clients, and keep the clients you have for longer.

There are many articles on the website that can help you with pet care, games and activities, treats and training, so please have a look to see what you can use. Our first article specifically for professional dog walkers is now on the website too!

Say Goodbye to Non-paying Clients: A Dog Walker's Guide to Creating your own Terms & Conditions Ensure you get paid on time, every time by creating your own terms and conditions for your business. The more professional your business, the higher value clients will place on your services, and the less they will want to lose you - they will pay on time.

We are also developing a range of ebooks, specifically written for dog walkers (although they would be useful for other dog related careers), which are available on Amazon. They can be downloaded to any device, and read with the free Kindle app.

Come Hail or High Water - Extreme Weather & Other Problems: A Dog Walker's Guide to Setting Standards and Planning Ahead As the UK's weather gets more extreme, this book will help you make good decisions to keep yourself and the dogs safe, and your customers happy in all conditions. It also includes information on customer service, acceptable dog behaviour on walks, bonus material 'the joy of keys', and much more. It's the handbook for your business!

How Much is That Dog Walker in the Window: A Dog Walker’s Guide to Setting Fees and Charges If you are providing a professional service to your clients you need to calculate your hourly rate so you can set your prices fairly. Your prices need to cover costs and make a profit, but you also need to know what your competitors are charging, what level of service you are offering, and what customers would be prepared to pay.

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