Puppy Care and Training

Puppies on board the puppy bus

While it's amazing to have so much time to bond with your new puppy, there is no denying they take up a lot of your time and energy. There is also the risk puppy will 'overbond' with you, which can lead to distress when you are able to resume activities outside your home.

Your puppy can join our 121 play and reward based training service. Puppy learns that other people are good too, and can start the process of learning to manage without you, without causing any distress.

What training will puppy get?

We aim to work on:

Foundation training for:

Staying safe during the pandemic

We will use your garden to train your puppy as much as possible. When it's raining, or during the colder months when days are shorter, it is not always suitable to have a puppy outside for training. They get cold quickly when they are small, and having to repeatedly cancel sessions due to rain gets very frustrating. During poor weather, ideally we will train in your home, in a quiet area but this is not always possible. So we have created the Play Bus! It is warm and dry, and has space to get some training done inside, when the weather is not suited to outdoor training.

It can also help shy puppies, or bad travellers get used to being in and around a vehicle with no pressure that it will move off. Many puppies get motion sickness due to their inner ear being undeveloped at this age. If they are repeatedly sick, it can give them a fear reaction to travelling, potentially creating lifelong travel problems. Playtime in the bus and around the crates can ease this fear, until they have physcially matured enough to travel safely.

Linda has guided us with all aspects of training and given us activities we can do with our dog to help us build his confidence. Our puppy is now 8 months old, and he's a lovely sweet little dog and it's been a pleasure seeing him grow. We now work with Linda weekly and she still continues to train our dog, it's so comforting knowing he's going out with someone he knows, loves and trusts. I hope to have Linda in ours and our puppy's lives long into the future!
Rebecca & Pablo, Miniature Dachshund

Linda is the most experienced puppy sitter in Brentwood, with over 100 puppies cared for since 2006, of all different breeds. She has been a dog training instructor since 2012, most of which has been puppies.

The Nitty Gritty

Training is suitable for all breeds, and fees are for training puppy only. We take a lot of video so you can follow what puppy is doing (via WhatsApp or our Facebook page) and we can update you on what we are doing as often as you like.

Sessions are available from as soon as you bring puppy home if weather allows us to use your garden. Puppies must be fully covered by vaccinations to come into the Play Bus, usually around 12-14 weeks old. Sessions are available up to approximately 6 months of age. After this time puppies may be able to join our group walks where they get plenty of exercise and playtime, but also continue training, or you can book individual training sessions depending on any current restrictions. These puppy sessions are the only way onto our group walks for dogs under 12 months old.

Fees and Availability

Weekday sessions are available between 2pm and 5pm Monday – Friday. Spaces book up fast, and are limited to Brentwood and Shenfield so please contact us as soon as possible to get your puppy booked in.

Fees are £15 for 30 minutes, or £12 for 20 minutes. An extra 5 minute catch up chat before or after each session is included if required.

Saturday sessions are available between 11am and 2pm (dates subject to availability). Fees are £20 for 30 minutes and may be available in outlying areas (or you can bring puppy to the bus in one of our local country parks). Travel over 5 miles from Pilgrims Hatch is charged at £1 per mile one way.

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