Puppy Care and Training

Puppies on board the puppy bus

You are welcoming your new puppy to your family, and need some help with care while you are out of the house. You could also use some advice on raising a puppy, and tips on puppy training.

Your puppy deserves the very best, and Busters have created puppy sitting and training services for families just like yours.

If you are out of the house for the day, we offer two visits to break up the time for your puppy. One visit is feed and clean up as needed, help with house training, and a short walk when puppy can go out. The second visit is all of the above, plus some basic puppy training. You will benefit from the good manners we always ask puppy to follow as we’re interacting with him or her. We always provide love and cuddles. Total visit time – 50 minutes per day.


We teach the foundations of loose lead walking, plus not stealing items, not chewing furniture, not chasing, not rushing through open doors, as well as sit, recall, stay, etc. They will also learn the most important thing they can ever learn – to listen to you. Their walk will be on or off lead depending on training progress and local amenities.

We have been training and socialising puppies since 2006, many stay with us for life, and we regularly walk them as seniors. You can see the benefits of our training in all of the dogs we walk as most have joined us at an early age. Linda has experience with a wide variety of breeds, as well as extensive study in puppy development, training and behaviour. You and your puppy will be in the right hands, and benefit from years of experience.

The Dog Whisperer!! As a first time puppy owner, Rafa was a bit more of a handful than we anticipated... Linda's not also great with Rafa, but Rafa's humans, and for that, I cannot be more thankful!! Looking forward to when Rafa can join her dog walks as well!
Ritu & Rafa


£20 per day one day a week

£19 per day 2 - 4 days per week

£18 per day five days a week

If you only need one visit per day, or would like longer or shorter visits, Please ask for a bespoke price. We are also able to offer Play and Train visits while you are at home but busy with other things.

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