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Dogs enjoying a Busters walk

Busters is a brilliant service, I couldn't recommend it more. My dog's behaviour has improved dramatically due to the training provided, and just want to say thank you!
Amy C, with Leo (crossbreed)

If you are looking for a service that caters for toy and small breeds ONLY, look no further than our 'Little Legs Small Dog Club' walks. Our Shenfield and Brentwood area walks cater for up to medium dogs only, but you are guaranteed a place on a walk every day that has small and toy breeds only if you prefer. Walks are usually three or four dogs but on occasion may be five.

How do our walks work?

All the dogs get 45 minutes in a Brentwood or Shenfield park, or a walk around your local area. Plenty of time for sniffing, leg stretching, and doing their business. We operate up to three walks per day in Brentwood and Shenfield for you to choose from.

Your dog will benefit from the experience we've gained over the past decade walking hundreds of dogs, many from small puppies, through adolescence and into adulthood. Every dog has a fuel tank for concentration, which starts small and grows as puppies develop. Around adolescence when many people look for help walking their dogs, it lasts around 45 minutes.

Finishing the walks at this time means your young dog has had all the benefits of a longer walk, without the time to practise poor behaviour at the end. If your dog is already a mature adult, they get to enjoy their walk without being bothered by a young dog who has 'run out of fuel'. All the dogs have a really positive experience around other dogs, so the risk they will become 'reactive' or start to dislike other dogs is greatly reduced. Even the friendliest of puppies can become intolerant of other dogs as they age if they've had to put up with hooligan behaviour from other dogs on their walks.

Dogs enjoying a Busters walk

Your needs as an owner are at the forefront of our planning. You need someone reliable who will turn up every day, when you expect them to turn up.

Please check our reviews on Facebook and Google to see what our customers have to say.

We would absolutely recommend Linda and her team. They are totally professional, but friendly, reliable and trustworthy. Linda has a fantastic knowledge of dog health and welfare needs, and gives very useful advice on training techniques. The dogs have the benefit of a visit during the day, which alleviates some of the guilt if we are out a little longer than expected. We would be lost without her!
David D, with Leo & Luca the English Toy Terriers


We operate on a minimum number of 3 walks per week.

  • 5 walks per week, Monday – Friday - £55 per week
  • 4 walks per week - £48
  • 3 walks per week (minimum fee) - £36

We also offer private walks in some cases, please ask for details.

'On request' service

Contact us on the Friday of the week before you need us and we will book your dog into any empty spaces we have on the days you need (no minimum number of walks). £13.50 per walk, £65 per week.

You must be registered in advance to take advantage of our on request service. Please ask for an information pack – registration can take up to one week, unless you book our fee-paying FastTrack service, please ask for details.


Busters walks are happy walks!

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